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Engineering Case
3D printing dust treatment case
3D printing needs to be operated in a closed equipment cavity, mainly to avoid the operator from inhaling metal dust or causing safety accidents when cleaning and adjusting the sintered workpiece in the cavity
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Powder feeding dust control case
With the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, some problems have gradually emerged
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Photovoltaic industry dust control case
With the rapid development of the photovoltaic industry, some problems have gradually emerged
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Robot welding dust case
Robotic welding is an indispensable industrial technical means in the processing industry. It plays an important role in economic construction. Most of the smoke and dust generated in the welding process are harmful and cause great harm to the health of workers.
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Laser cutting dust case
When laser cutting metal sheet metal, a large amount of dust and smoke will be generated. If it is not handled in time, it will cause environmental pollution and damage to the laser. At present, most mainstream manufacturers use the closed door dust extraction method.
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Lithium battery industry dust control case
The production and processing technology of lithium-ion batteries is complicated. From the perspective of dust removal, including stirring, rolling, filming, winding, welding, packaging and other processes
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Woodworking industry processing dust case
A large amount of dust will be generated in the process of planing, milling, cutting and polishing of wood furniture. Generally, a central dust collection system is used to deal with the dust.
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Cases of Dust Control in Food and Medical Industry
Food, medicine, chemical industry and other industries carry out powder operations. During the process of feeding, stirring, screening, and blanking, a large amount of dust is generated, which pollutes the environment and requires partial or overall dust removal.
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Ceramic spray glaze industry, ceramic spray glaze dust treatment case
The glaze mist produced by the glazing process of ceramic production has fine particles, easy to spread and spread, and at the same time, it has the characteristics of cohesion, and it is easy to stick to the surrounding environment and equipment into blocks.
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